Which template is the one that makes that page for example to be editable ? I cannot find it and I am using punbb like WD Smile

Note: I just want to know the template, not code or something similar !

Admin Panel -> Display -> Profile (Templates sidebar) -> profile_view_body

Are you sure ? It does not work for me..! :(

Yes, I'm sure of it.
What did you edit?

I found the problem... You need to have advanced profile setting turned to "No" ! I want to change the visitor messages page...

haha... So that's why...
I don't know about advanced profile. But you can surely make little modifications through CSS.

I would like to change from the templates some words... Then I thought to use a replacer (javascript) but It did not work xD

I see.
If I'm not mistaken, I think someone asked about editing the advanced profile template but the help forum claimed that the template isn't there.