I put this here because as far as I know, ajax is a javascript library? I'm trying to use ajax because when I started the project in visual web developer, one of the options was for me to use C# along with the "website". It's only gonna be one page, but I want to read some binary data and I can't find anything about that for javascript except for a js file someone made, but that looks bootleg. I've already done a few funky things with binary in C# and I was happy to see that I can keep using C# even in web development....until

ajax preview problem Ajax%20derp
Of course, it runs fine from visual web developer...
ajax preview problem Ajax%20no%20derp

Japorized wrote:As for the view problem, check if your file is saved with the extension of .html or .htm
In response to this, no. As you can see, the main file is Default.aspx instead of index.htm or whatever. There isn't a html file in the entire project folder, which surprised me, but as long as it works-...-_-

I think the problem is this
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="modcodes._Default" %>
The %s in it

But idk why it would matter if it works fine in visual web developer. I was gonna give up and just compile a C# app and call it a day, but if I can do this as a web page, it'll be better. I was gonna add stuff like url arguments(need to discuss or read about) that you just can't with a windows app. Well you can but then it's bootleg.

Firstly, I never used Visual Web Developer so I'm a complete stranger to its internal functions.
I reckon that it won't work unless it's on a web server.
I checked for an accurate solution for you:

:/ That sucks. I wonder if dropbox can do something.. I don't have a server or know of any I could use(preferably free)

lol. that's pretty accurate though. It's the same exact problem. >.<