Name: SupaStuff(somebody else was Stuff...oh well)
Location:New York
Interests:Game design
Hobbies:Cheats are fun to make. I've also been having fun writing in C#. Playing on my wii/ps3.

I see this site has a few tutorials. Maybe even a few savvy members to rub some knowledge onto me? It's why I'm here :p. And of course, I enjoy answering questions if I know the solution. I hope some of you are like that, cuz I'm tackling ajax next and I need to know why I can't preview my page outside of visual web developer >.>.

Welcome to World Dezign.
As for the view problem, check if your file is saved with the extension of .html or .htm

I'll start a topic about it, cuz this is kind of introductions. It' be off topic if we discussed this here XD. But no. The extension is .aspx.