i need ready to paste code of organic tabs at the bottom of the forum any one could give me the codes? Smile


First, what exactly is an organic tab? And, could you also please specify your forum version?

my forum version is phpbb3

I really don't get the meaning of "organic tabs" at the bottom of a forum? Do you simply want the four forums in one trick?

I think he means the tabs in the footer where you click on Statistics or UCP - if that is correct it is impossible with PHPBB3.

Ah, that jquery effect? I'll give it a go.. If not.. McStormify, is the code copyrighted?

I'm not sure if it's copyrighted but Gangstar said he doesn't want anybody using the codes here. If you're desperate DJ, PM Gangstar and ask him. But it's not possible with PHPBB3 anyway...

Well, i've been exprimenting a little now, and using marvellous Google i found something nearly the same. But i'll suggest waiting for Gangstar. But yeah, i have the code.

i can't find the statistics template!


Solve Thank you! Happy

Topic Solved & Locked.