It's the freaking year end exam and I have to take a three week off cause the exam is extended to that length. (It's crazy~)
So I won't be around for a while so LilJur will be in charge for the moment. Hope everyone and everything goes on well here. Smile

Exam? Already?
Well, anyway, good luck

good luck Happy

good luck Happy

Good Luck Man Happy

I'm back~ Well, maybe for a while, now that I have some breathing space cause one of the festivals of the year is clamped in between the exam. Razz
Thanks for the greeting guys. Happy

I'll be less active for some time...
Just had a serieus fucked up weekend and i'm seriously depressed at the moment.... I gotta get my life straight for some time and think

I understand. Life can be very down at times and you'll just get the mood for nothing. Go ahead. Wish you luck pal.