I wanna some changes like what you can see all at screenshot

and other problem is how to fix look about this when i make post, sometimes look like how you can see (2 look have)

can i get maybe just simple look nothing big like here in WD???

EDIT this is forum i hear Japorized is good in this, and if you saw topic and wanna help i give you what you need, like pass and admin


For the navigation:
Admin Panel > Display > Headers & Navigation
Move everything that you don't have them appearing in your navigation aside and you'll get the correct align.

For the reply box:
I'll reply this when I have time cause I have to shut down already cause it's late here. Sorry.

Sure no problem, take your time, i fix this about navigation thanks for help, and i wait you when you have time to fix this about posting screen and this where you can see (last post-who post)i mean that window to move at centar

For moving the new/no new post to center, refer to this tutorial. It's written by Gangstar but not me.

The the last topic thing, I still don't know what do you want. Sorry.

For the border of the last topic, look for #m_stats in your CSS and remove the line below:
border-right: 1px solid #353535;
See what happens.

And you mean to have a quick reply box instead of that typical large reply?

Ok i will explain 1by 1 how i know (its because mine english)
1. move this little Window here

2. move this new post at centar to

3. move avatar, rank, name at centar and remove rank name to

4. and this about posting something need to be removed and edited like how you can see at pictures
- remove that BBCode Guide
- post options make in 1 line
- move smilies to post options
- remove that aA i need to tip on that always when posting because look changed always

1. Search for #m_stats in your CSS and add the following line.

margin-left: 50px; /*-- Edit value at will --*/

2. Refer to this:

3. Can I have a link to an example of a post?

4. Can I have a look at the source of the page?

1 i find that on css and change but again not in centar and have some line at left side
2 nd problem i cant find in tutorial how to move (new post-no new) at centar or i dont know how
3 nd problem here you have link of test post
4 nd problem i dont know what you need but i pm you admin (username and pass)

and i add now 5nd problem :-) how to get border or frame around (new post-no new) like in this forum

I've worked on the following:
1. Position of m_stat div (which was only a margin-left: 70px;)
2. Aligned the poster info to center
3. Removed BBCode Guide with display:none;

I don't know why but the smilies box are not there and the user options are inline for me.

Thanks i saw you fix Happy but you dont make name at centar poster info and in position of m_stat div there is that line near frame how to remove that??? About smilies i OFF that option because i add some new but if you need for something you can ON no problem. And about posting problem i think i fix that, i make in options Messages and e-mails-configuration-Activate extended message editor : YES and now look nice and how i want Happy I think that is that or wrong??? But for all check please you know better at last you can login like admin and check if you saw something wrong fix please, and tell me what you think about logo, i think its little shity but i try to make pro one

I'm sorry Amel, but just a friendly word to you, you really need to work on your English cause your sentences are all jumbled up. The words may be correctly used but the syntax needs improvement.
I'll have to see if Gangstar has a solution for centering the post statuses. I didn't even tried that before myself. Sorry Razz
As for the line, that's weird, I didn't see anything that's given in the picture you snapped at all.
For the smilies and post options, I see what you've done. That's also one way.