my first graphic work....what u think guys...its my first try... Happy

Nice but don't like the white things

Good job! For a beginner this is really good, Keep practising!
I suggest you make the background transparent though!

One more thing Happy to learn a lot, follow tutorials Happy!

PS: good start Happy

I know this about white thing but i dont know how to remove it....YET...i will learn Happy...tnx...this is my first try at graphic ever... Happy

What Programme do you use?

GIMP....cause i cant find photoshop...i already know something in ps...but now i have to start all over in gimp..

Ah it's a shame, If it was photoshop I could tell you how, never-mind!

I know on ps...wand tool...but here its deferent.... Happy

just download trial and get seriel from here

I`ve tried that already and non of them are working....nvm...on first view gimp is good enough...i will learn it first... Wink

they worked for me download CS5 from here

Then when it asks to instal trial or enter serial select serial thing

and look for a serial here

and do same as me
like this :

Looks interestuing Razz but that white things are little annoying