I wonder how do i make a toggle like Sign in?

Can i have tutorial for it

You mean like the sign in here?

Yep or like ego-one

Ego One did theirs with just a simple:

      return false;
Something like that. And for it to work on Forumotion, just apply the below tutorial given.

Do i have to create div?

Yes. A div for the class "loginbox". And set its display to none in your CSS.

<div class="login">Hello Guest! | <div id="loginbox">Sign in</div> | <a href="/register">Register</a></div>

This right??

Yeah if you're thinking of making a pop-up to hide your log in and register links.

Can you do it for me?

Ill sent you the founder account

Done. Have a look at it. Smile

Mmm i dont want that. I just want like world dezign got

That I can't help. The script is copyrighted by World Dezign. Sorry.

aww .. give me some hint for it?

Add a shadow layer to the whole page and the login box on top of it by playing with z-index. And it also requires a little jQuery. That's all I can say and it's already all the secrets for me.

Yeah. Something like that.

How do i make shadow layer?

Either make a large image or a large div with a grey color. And don't forget that it needs a little transparency.