When i add it and pm myself and it count as 2 pm but i got 1 pm on my inbox

here the code


  url: '/privmsg?folder=inbox',
  success: function(ajax) {
    count = $('img[src=""]', ajax).length;
    if (count < 1) {

    else {
      $('a.mailbox').html('Mailbox ('+count+')');

That from sexy drop down menu


You're using the stupid way.

Anyway, the reason is that you're using an image which is already found in the DOM. I'll let you fix it's really simple.

I try to use an different image it doesnt show the count in my inbox

solved by gangstar on Creative Nation.

Gangstar15 said

First, you are linking an image, where you don't have it in the ACP - Pics Managements o.O

now its done.

Solved & Locked