Do i realy need to buy photoshop...i dont want to use it anymore on trial...its borring...Is it possible to find somewhere serial for free or keygenerator ? Crying

What version Razz
because i use CS5 as trial and i have a disk for 7 Happy

CS2...... :( why we need to pay for all good stuff...

if we won't then how should they continue their jobs :p lol Happy

i will try found a code XD

For private use need to be free....and companies need to pay xD....i`ve already tried to find serial all viruses and redirection pages... :(

hahaha xD ya ya me too lol ;D

Its useless..nvm my boss have photoshop....i will just copy whole program on memory stick.... Happy

If you want do graphics an you can't bother to buy photo shop

then your best bet is GIMP , Thats what I used for my graphics an best of all its free its opensource .

your choice :P

I know for GIMP he is taken from linux....well...crazy wolf use gimp and he is very good....its worty of try.... Happy


i USED ONLY GIMP to do my graphic works

Yeah gimp rules

I use photoshop cs5 :P
Never used GIMP before

you need to try it some day ninja

you can do alot with it but it's free and that scares people away

If you want a free CS5 Extended, PM me.

i got it already

Full not trial.

got full

Is there any keys or crack for photoshop cs5?? :d

Get CS4 or use GIMP, there's nothing wrong with GIMP, also check out Inkscape for Vector Graphics, it's OPENSOURCE, lets all say it together, what do we want? Vector Graphics, what will we use? Not Illustrator cause I got no cash :( Inkscape wins

I don't need to more Happy

You don't need to more???? What does that mean? lol

i want to have cs5

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