I guess no-one has actually seen my work here... So here we go

By then i started, around this time of the year. After 2 weeks i started with these signatures. And in 2008 i did nothing but signatures.

A good year for me. I rolled in the GunZ:The duel private server thing. Everyone wanted me as their developer or co-owner.
I created website, layouts for the game, banners and more!

My signature on my forum for my own community

In April i decided with a friend to create a big community. We went on for a year but we got tired of developing our game ( we were still working on it, enchanted almost the whole game)
Our logo? This

Some random stuff i did in November

In december the best community asked me to come and work for them. Couldn't refuse

And these i did for SOTW at Ego-one ( though it was still tealeaf by than)

first c4d xD

One damn $&*# year... Got borderline, lost my passion, failed my schoolyear..
I didn't do much.
I played tribalwars, addicated.

Felt like this one for a contest

Got out of my depression and switched school to a multi-media school.
Webdesign, layout, etc... it's part of my regular life now.
SOTW Creative-Labz

and this one is my worst work ( also SOTW CL)

Logo for my site... which... i was going to redesign with Gangstar.... but not anymore i guess

Wow that amazing!
Good job Smile

We can definitely see your improvement through your work. Happy Good job!

Japorized wrote:We can definitely see your improvement through your work. Happy Good job!
I know right? It's unbelievalbe how much i improved in short noticed.
As they say, learning by yourself is the most effective way

With a good tutorial or book, yes.

Japorized wrote:With a good tutorial or book, yes.
Trying. Just playing with the settings and stuff is how i learned it, messing around in photoshop.

Well yeah, for learning Photoshop, it requires you to know all about the functionalities of it's items. I'm saying what's general. Razz

New work

This is a classroom i made... During class xD
Time: Around 4 hours.
Info: A basic classroom drawn with nothing but simple figures. All i used is filters and blending options. And some gradients for shadows/highlights.