Well point is i have buddy who is dj and he want own page long time...question is can i make something like this in forumotion
i try this in some wix there is tomuch that and its easy, but cost tomuch )))))hahahaha here if i create something like this i need only domain to buy and its ok. Please ansver me if someone know how to do something like this in forumotion


It's mostlikely flash altough it can be done with JavaScript as well.
All those animation will make it complex and long to make

No no i dont wanna that flesh animation just form like that like home, about me, contact me, music, video bla bla, just how to make that form

Bro... Everyone who knows html knows how to create something like that...
We give tips and help, we do not create a full website at WD

Ty for info...)))