Request type:Rank Image
Creation size (in pixels): 100 x 24
Animation: No
Colors: Same as they are now in the image
Images to insert: None
Font (supply a link): I dont know the font used
Font color: White
My Forumotion Forum:
Format to be saved in (optional): .gif
Text to insert: Just add "Lead" to the button. So it reads "Lead Moderator"
Other Comments (optional): RockerMan was the one to create this button when I first requested it. So, since he was the one to make it, it might be logical if he does this edit to it. If not, anyone else can give it a shot Smile Thank you again!



Hello? Is anyone gonna try this?

It's quiet hard without the original psd...

Never-mind, I have found another person on another forum to do this edit since I can't because my PS is crashing.

=> Forget about it