Where were your parents born and where did they live for their life? Does it affect where you were born?
For example; did your mum live in a different country to your dad, what country, then did it affect where you were born?

My parents were both born in the netherlands, so was i
But we moved to belgium and they are a bit rascist to dutchs... Does affect my live a bit

Netherlands, cool! Belgium, even cooler. Sorry about the racism, lol. Big grin

Both parents are Malaysians, born as a Malaysian and is now in Malaysia. I like my country cause it hardly has any natural disasters but not the politics and the problem with the races. That made me thought of migrating away when I grow up. *sigh... Well, no place seems to be safe on Earth today...

That is true. Sad
What about Gangstar15? Question Mark
As for me, I've been in the same place for my whole life and for all of my parents life.

My parent are Australian , so am i and my parent are divorce

Sorry to hear. Sad
We're all Australian too. Smile

I'm Iraqi ;D
but i live in Denmark for almost 4 years now Smile

i'm Serb, and live in Serbia, what can i say, my country sucks, but i hope i will move to Germany soon.

i'm romanian and live in romanian , i want to live in my country because is a beatiful one ...

Meminto wrote:Netherlands, cool! Belgium, even cooler. Sorry about the racism, lol. Big grin
Belgium sucks, we haven't had an official goverment for the last 4 years, and the last years we didn't have a goverment at all xD The king broadcasted an public angry message towards the parlaiment latetly because his tired of the political fight over Brussels

Just wanna ask this cause I thought of furthering my studies to Australia after I finish my secondary education here. How's Australia?

Australia is really good, a lot of people are friendly and we work well together. We're a free, easy-going country, a lot of us are active and like surfing or sports.

Gangstar15 wrote:I'm Iraqi ;D
but i live in Denmark for almost 4 years now Smile

Were your parents born in Iraq? Really? I think one of my grandmothers were born there, which place? They might have known each other haha. Razz

Lol Happy yah they Basrah but i think my mother born in Kuwait Smile not sure

Don't know lol, they probably not near each other. Oh well. Big grin

Im Filipino and i live here in our country Philippines. My father and mother? They born on the same country.

i'm Omani .. we live in a village in the mountains. i'm kind happy
but the internet is really suck:
hehehe i shall wait until the summer end Happy

Omg Happy
-Halla walla Happy

I am from Albania, but I live in Norway for almost 6 years soon xD

Gangstar15 wrote:Omg Happy
-Halla walla Happy
فديتكـ حبيبي
hehehe wait until the summer ends and i'll be back with a ton of questions about how to do that and how do that

PE!N can you put a picture with your village ?

ok i'll when the sun rise cause it's too dark out side Razz

beatiful man i always wanted to live in the mountains !

yeah the mountains are great place .. come u are welcomed here in any time Smile