hello guys, i wonder if you could still remember me, but i think gangstar does...

i pm'ed gangstar about this matter and seek for help, but i haven't introduce my problem to him..

I know saxaca is our guy in terms of php, and i hope he is super..ahahaha,


this is my problem

My professor gave us a sem-long project, before he introduce us php..

so here it goes

create a dynamic website with the following situation

1. there will be an existing database,
the database contains the following
a. student name
b. student id no.
c. address
d. other personal info

2. instead of having a FULL registration, your website will do this
a. ask for the last name of the student or student number
if the last name exist, it will display the name of the students who has the same last name,
the user will need to select his name, after selecting his name, he will be forwarded to the registration form..
all fields are now filled up because, the website already has a record of him, so what he needs to do is to click submit to verify the account...

hmmm, that'll be the first part of the problem..
can anyone help me..

i'll be more than willing to wait for your answer, thank you!

You know what.. if you learn the basic or PHP and some ajax you will get what you want Smile
Just a tip.

well yeah, but you also know, that it is faster to learn through listening..rather than having learned it alone..hahaha..i've proven that so many times, when im trying to discover a thing by myself, then when i teach my friends, well, they learn it in no time..hahaha