Happy Hey Hey,

Just want to ask you Forum Category would be the best(example: Graphic forum, Coding forum, and etc...)? Cause im planning to create a new forum, just don't know what Forum Category shall i choose. haha..

Thank yoU! ^_^

Depends what you have most in the forum. Smile

Yup, and what your biggest interrest is Smile

Ahaha.. Wait wait, Im talking about the "Forum Category ", not the category on the forums.. Happy

Any? Help me to decide..

Yes, we know. Depends what the forum's point is. What is the forum's main purpose? To create graphics, to create CSS codes? You choose what the website is about. If you were an arcade gaming forum you wouldn't put Graphic Design as your Forum Category. Make it relative. Geek

I know that.. Okay Please close this thread. Happy I don't think that i need this anymore.. ^_^ Anyway, Thank you!