please i want facebook like button code in topics ..
thanks ?

Try edit the thanks or reputation system. You'll almost could make something that reminds a lot of the likesystem on FB.

Exactly, just change the reputation or thanks name to like. Then change the image to a thumbs-up, and walla! Happy

Guys Happy
He wants the facebook "LIKE" button Happy
not something like it Happy
You have google Happy

You want the actual facebook like? Wow, well... There is a Google like you can get that is sort of like it.

And if you don't know how to put it then here we are Razz

He wants the facebook "LIKE" button Happy
Exactly .. i want it .

Do u want to direct to facebook or forum?

i want a code to but in my topics for my forum .

@I-Angel-Q: What do you mean by you can't make it?

It easy. I made just then

...try taking some random IQ test. Happy
Seriously, just fill out the form, and post the code here...then we'll help you out.

Yes.. That right Saxaca Smile

yaeh it easy .. but show me this problem

Try sign out of FB, and Them generate the code with the form.

I can't neither do it when i'm signed in, and getting the same message also ... But when I sign out and try out, it works fine. Smile

That wierd cause i was on facebook and it work

I've met the similar problem before. It's cause our identity is not confirmed through our phone, if I'm not mistaken...

thanks .. sloved