Does it ever really get on your nerves when you hear someone pronounced a word in your language, except with a weird accent?

Like in Australia:
"G'day mate! Let's put a shrimp on the barbie."

Or how instead of saying "G-day." people pronounce it "Gidday" in certain parts?

Does that kind of thing ever annoy you?
Post your dialect annoyances here! Let's see what other people hear every day that annoys them. Happy

Nothing annoy me Razz..
Because I'm one of those ;D

Ahaha, so am I. But, what things have you heard that have ever annoyed you is the question? Razz

aha ok Happy
can't really remember Happy

That's alright then, sometimes I hear a lot of people doing Pommy accents really bad. That annoys me but it is also a laugh I guess, cause it is a funny way to talk. Like the Mad Hatter in the old Alice in Wonderland films.

Yah.. that's right "That annoys me but it is also a laugh I guess, cause it is a funny way to talk." .D

Yeah, exactly. I only get annoyed by it when people say, "Aren't those Australian's stupid? G'DAY MATE!". Cause we don't talk like that. :/
That is all that annoys me though, anybody else have a story to share about it? Happy

I'm not really annoyed with foreign pronunciations but the dialect and the accent.

Im only annoying by arabic acent

Aussies are epic, mate! Happy
I'm not annoyed by accents in any way.

shadowz_au wrote:Im only annoying by arabic acent
why? Wink

cause they speak soft voice in australia.. and im try to hear them but im deaf so

Wait, Australian or Arabic?