On an ipod, ipad, macbook and imac, I can't seem to paste links, no matter the browser between Firefox and Safari.

Have you highlight the links?

Yes, they just don't appear at all on this site in posts but I can put them on others.

Links like :

<a href="LINK">Link</a>

Step 1: copy the link
Step 2: press in this box
Step 3: right click and press paste (or edit and paste)
Step 4: see link appear

Step 4 never happens, and it still doesn't appear when I post the post!

I have a Chinese iPhone, it sucks compared to the real iPhone. Is it absolutely JUST this website? Geek

Um, I can copy and paste on iphones and stuff...
Just hold finger over what you want to copy
Drag and select the full thing to copy
Go somewhere else, hold finger where you want to paste it and release
Press paste


Mine probably just sucks then. It'll be the first thing on my Christmas List, a proper iPhone.
So, this site is not letting you post links but any other site works fine?


Hmm... Well, that is strange. I'll leave it to Gangstar15 or somebody else to answer. I really have no idea. Confused

Thanks for trying to help though ^.^

I don't have IPhone or IPod so i can't test it :/
it works in PC's Happy

Not macs/iDevices. Check code and make sure safari is supported?

You mean if the forum works with safari ?

It works, but the copypaste doesn't.

Isn't there a shortcut for mac like "CTRL + V" = Paste Smile

Gangstar nah.. mac is different .. I think it Command + V

The link still doesn't appear.

wait which computer u have?

Ipod 3g
Ipad 2

All mac.. Which Mac OS u got?

Snow Leopard

Try Apple + c then Apple + V?

If it doesnt work.. Then Snow Leopard dont have 1


It has one.
It works on every site except this.

How does the editor looks for you?
do it have the red button for "Preview" and "Submit"? Smile

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