How do i change the Profile?

Please be more clear with what you're asking, shadowz_au. I don't understand what you want exactly.

how do i change Ucp?

E.g like this

I don't think Gangstar15 would like to give that information to you. It's Copyrighted to World Dezign, but to get the idea of how to do it like that, I'd say it'd be HTML coding or jQuery.

Don't active the advance user profile and a edit there Tounge

The Advanced User Profile makes everything like a list, and looks nowhere near the style of World Dezign. So, verrell123 is right. You'll need to do a lot of editing though, I'm sure one of our Users can help you with that, if you need help. Big grin

Meminto - im not copy gangstar... and im not dumb. i know it copyrighted..

Thanks Verrel123 it working