Gangstar i need you help for this


Profile and Logout

Im using ur theme giveaway

?? what's the problem?

Look the picture. What the different?

Hover effect ?

Nope Jan.

Go on my forum

Also when you click on the forumtitle the Nav bar moves down and idk why that happen.

You just messed everything.. how can the pun-head wrap the whole forum?

what the problem?

I didn't do nothing on that i just try to fix the nav bar xD

Well.. you need to redesign it..

Obviously, shadowz_au if a theme someone has given to you in a Contest Giveaway does not work, it would be the right thing to ask the Manager or User who gave it to you, but it would also be wise to re-check your CSS and Panel Settings, just to see if you've done anything wrong. It could even be a HTML problem you're experiencing, something you've put in, you put in wrong or it just needs slight editing, or you've missed something out. Gangstar15 is right, you need to re-design it, I don't know exactly if that means you need to re-design to be different all together or re-design it and start from scratch to make sure you did everything right, whatever the case is, I'd do the second one first as it'd be less trouble. I hope I've helped you shadowz_au, if not, don't be afraid to ask us anything else again! Happy

Gangstar Will you help us? Me and Maki plz

I reset my forum..

It fix by ME!