To.. Gangstar15
مرحبا .. هذا كود القائمة المنسدله

اتمنى منك التعديل عليه ووضع زر بجانب القائمة حيث عندما يتم اختيار اي خيار من القائمة والضغط على هذا الزر يتم تحويلك للصفحة المطلوبة .

اتمنى فهمت ما اريد وبانتظار ردك .

والسلام عليكم

    <form id="menu" action=""><p>
    <select size="1" onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value,'_self')">
    <option selected="selected">Jump to a site</option>
    <option value="URL">Site 1</option>
    <option value="URL">Site 2</option>

I can't remember the code for this Smile
you should have written this in English so the other staffs can help you:

He needs to make this dropdown menu with a submit button, like if you choose an option (link) and click eg. "Ok" it will send you to that link.

Gangstar Why dont you translate it for us?

I already did, lol..

I think this is what he want also see the Demo of the Drop Down Menu Selector

i think that he want.

Yes, that's what he wants Happy

thank you for all >> sloved