if you go to this forum you will understand everything!
the owner if this forum is Beelly & ligerv is a member in WD and admin there too! >.I've also got this PM in fm:)

Sorry for what you're about to see:

These Vietnamese jerks think they can rip off anything they see and like just like that, I say there forum should be deleted for ever.

They also copied the ENTIRE theme of this romanian forum:

I know you have a relationship with the staff of this forum, please make sure they get this, I don't know who else they ripped off but something tells me they didn't resume to just 2 forums.

With respect.

What in the world is that. I agree with you Gangstar15 there forum should be delete.

I've contacted teh admin of the other community. And I know him a bit, i can tell you he is well known in FM

On the page with those themes, that arrangement did not you do a inusti, I mean that was not just your idea, the theme downloaded aceatsa P, yes indeed you copied FG Forum

I will send a litigation to those lads.

A copy Beelly

Hmmm, this wont be only one time somebody copied us, we are one of the best designed forums, this will happen in future alot :/

They didn't copy this forum did they? Mad

They did Happy but now they removed everything Razz

Oh, congratulations! Good job, Gangstar15. Happy
Serves them right for stealing other people's hard work. That is so selfish. Mad

Thank you Razz
Hehe.. it also copied fg-coding Wink
so yeah.. time to kill some rippers Happy