How can I give my members the chance if they want to have a script enabled or not ??? and how am I going to save their settings to their coockies ?

Thank you !

Can that be done ?

Not sure.. but what you want it for? Smile

I ask the same, what script would you like to disable. If I know that I can give this ago Smile

A secondary chat Smile xD If it is to complicated then leave it...

Thank you in advance..!

A secondary chat? Happy
you can hide/remove it with jquery? Happy

eehhhm.... I want to give my members the ability to choose if the want a the bar (the secondary chat) to be displayed using their account...

IF it is possible some to have it ON and some OFF and this setting can be saved on their coockies... Smile Smile Can that be done ?


First of can you alter the script?

No... It is a javascript...

Yes... so you should be able to alter it....

When you say alter what do you mean ??? To change it ???

Yeah, can you edit the script.

Yes, I can...

You should be able to add your little configutation button if you figure out how this old script of mine works:
Ehh.. it just get's ruined..

(function() {
var bilde = {
cookie: function(name, value) {
if (value) {

OK, here you go...

function existingFunctionOfSomeKind( possible, arguments )
    if ( document.getElementById("zapMe").checked ) return;
    ... rest of code ...

    <input type=checkbox id="zapMe">
    Turn off secondry chat!