How to make Hover when the mouse click the "New Topic" or "Post reply" ?
I use this css but not working, hehehehehe Happy

.posting img a:hover {
    background: url("") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;

Thanks before!

Hello here is the css code and don't forget to change the urls for the ''Post new topic, Reply to topic'' with this one to do that you must go to Display => Pictures and Colors => Pics management => Advanced Mode >> Buttons and save.


.i_post{background: url(Normal-Image) no-repeat center !important;}

.i_post:hover{background: url(Hover-Image) no-repeat center !important;}

.i_reply, #new-message-link img{background: url(Normal-Image) no-repeat center !important;}

.i_reply:hover, #new-message-link img:hover{background: url(Hover-Image) no-repeat center !important;}

waaw Thanks for help Maki, but it still don't work Sad , hehehehe,
btw i use punBB Cool

I just tried on punBB and works for me so do you have 2 images one for hover and one normal like this.

Normal image

hover image

oooh, i understand. i forgot change the pictures in the button.
Thanks boss, it solved ! Happy