Sorry boss you failed Happy doesnt work Happy

Nick! Happy
Now its the same for me in chrome and ff.. you know what i'm talking about Wink?

ghost1 wrote:Sorry boss you failed Happy doesnt work Happy

Let him try his best Happy

I am using Firefox 4 but everything is fine..

That's what i said to Nick Happy

i also tried does not work !! XD

What does not WORK!! Happy?

When you go to "Post a new drop"
it says "Post A new topic " and not "post a new drop!"

some comments :

when i go to the memberlist,it shows the drops:
a member has 50 drops!but the total drops are 30!
why not make it show only how many topics are made and not the posts made?You can make it "Drops" and "comments" Smile

Drops are all the messages but total drops are the total posts.

Drops are the topics!

Nick.. maybe you can take a screen or log out and in again Happy

about the memberlist hmm there is not variable for only the topics :/


ok.. good
did you logged in & out and removed the caches? Happy

i pmed it to you Smile

Already saw it Nick..
Try another browser :d?

i did,still nothing Happy also logged out and cleared cache Happy

That's really weird :/
its only you who is having this problem :/

I know what you did Happy you selected my ip adress and made that error to appear only at my computer! Happy

haha lol Happy
Embarrassed ya sorry for that Happy

oh its looks fine now Happy

(really,i cant understand why it doenst appear c orrectly :/ )

confused now Happy
works or no? Happy

what do you think? Happy


of course it doesn't !! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Shuck Evil haha Happy ok good for you then Razz
now its your problem Razz

Gangstar i was member number 14 on DD (Design Drop) are i be Pro member?

verrell123 wrote:Gangstar i was member number 14 on DD (Design Drop) are i be Pro member?
I think its for first 10 members..

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