Can i have your opinion on Designdrops, what's bad & and what's good with it..
will it be an active site? Smile

the topics are interesting but look like a blog not like a forum :( , and you don't have categories what will you do when will be 100 pages or something like that ..

thats the most beautiful thing i ever saw in my life........ Shuck
im speechless.................
you only have to work on the header Smile and it will be the dribble killer in no time if you promote it right Smile

in firefox everything is aligned to the right and its messed up,in webkit its okay Smile

The coding and idea is amazing! Happy

Can't find anything that isn't good to say Smile

Thanks for all the feedbacks guys Happy
@Razvan, there is a paging links Razz
@ghost1, I hope that lol Razz.. but i see it centered in firefox too :/
@UD, tak man Happy

for me the only bad thign is the header,the banner must be really more simple and the nav is not good Smile but is awesome Happy

I agree with you Happy

if you change the background to cream white texture it would look much better Happy

also there is onother site called designdrops featuring the same thing Evil

Will try that Happy

emiliographics? Smile

This is a bug ?
Designdrops Dasdsa10

The "19 drops fell" is on outside

Kaito Kid wrote:This is a bug ?
Designdrops Dasdsa10

The "19 drops fell" is on outside

Yea, it's bug

Gangstar i was user no. 14, are i be a pro?

Working out great for me. Happy
I'm user number 15.

im user 16

you should replace the "new topic" drop mode with "add a drop" or something like that cause it looks like its from a forum host...dunno if it is Razz

I already did that ghost Happy

@Kaito Kid what browser you use?
because it works great for me with ff and chrome :/

Gangstar15 wrote:I already did that ghost Happy

no you didnt Happy

see?it says post new topic Razz it should say add new drop Razz

Ah Happy
its not possible to change the url..
but i may find a way Happy

not the url ! Happy
i am talking about its text Happy

Post a new topic

Title of the topic

etc Happy

Nick, don't make me crazy Happy
because this is what i see :d

DesignDrops » Drops » Everyone » New Drop
Post a new drop
Drop Title

Attach file
You can attach one or more files with the following form :
( 3g2, 3gp, bmp, doc, docm, docx, gif, jpg, m4a, m4v, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, pdf, png, pps, ppt, pptm, pptx, swf, tif, txt, wma, wmv, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, zip )

File name
(Max size per file : 0 Mb)

thats what i am talking about Happy

what to do :

Remove the designdrops >> drops >> eeryone etc Happy

I cant see post a new drop or drop title :( i only see post new topic and topic title :(

oh and the jquery rollover works only when i got to page 2 Razz

remove attach file and replace ti with :

attach high quality image :
You can attach your 400x300 image in better quality for download.


and you are using firefox? Smile
about the attachments its also for PSD :/

yes firefox 4 for ubuntu
i am only talking about changing the text to match more to the whole gallery website.

OK Happy

you are right Happy
in firefox everything is missed Happy

hah Happy ok.. try now Happy

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