Help me...
I want have theme like THIS for my forum, my forum in forumotion Phpbb2
can some one give me theme for instal or give me tutorial to change header, searchbox, navigation menu like that?

Thanks b4

You should't post The Facebook forum link, because its our foe :=)
Well..its not easy & will take long time to make a theme like this.. currently i can't help you :/ because i have a lot of work
maybe in the feature i will make a theme like Facebook Smile

Copying is illegal, having a similar looking forum is also termed as ripping. We, as designers and developers, do not like that. It's hardship that helped us to achieve what we have today. If you really want the theme, you should ask the admin of the forum if he is willing to share.

I dont think that he is... He had sound in forumotion chatbox and when I aksed hit to tell me what did he use to do it... He logged out... I've never managed to know... Sad Hope he changed, but I think this is hard...

We can do a theme like it, but as Japo said..

Why is FB Forum WD foe?

im mean,
just layout header and position nav menu and login box... not all..

First things first, I'm very sorry to tell all of you that my head is a little blur recently. Perhaps of the exam and some private matters. So I won't be able to think properly on constructing anything out of nothing. A million sorry. I'll solve the problem as soon as possible.

Alright, to ketan_'s request.
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This would help...

Are you ok with the CSS?

Go to your Admin Panel > Display > Headers and Navigation (Under the Homepage sidebar) > Menu Position > Right
It still comes back to the CSS on having the navigation designed.

I like that did not understand about CSS , Please give the tutorial and CSS