Here is a preview of how the topics of my new project will look:

Awesome Happy

Thanks ;D
By the way, this screen shot was taken from the forum not made with photoshop ;D

Cool :O .

awesome =)
well done

so this how the topic snot the categories wiil show up , here on the forum ? you wiil me 2 topics on a colum or something like that no ?

Ya the topics like that, and the categories are in the drop down menu in the navbar, Wink

the version is punbb ? i thinked about that , you will use html table like on the categories right ? and you will repeat the Variable ore something like this :-?

Ya its punbb Smile
No its not a table Smile

then is jquery or something else Smile

nope Smile

ok man then you are a genius , I appreciate you because you are not selfish and share the thing with us Smile no many people does this Happy

Haha Happy thanks thanks ;D
-Happy Happy

Wow, pretty epic.

How will the "picture" thing work though?
Also needs an accessability function - the ability to go to last post in topic and such.

Nope.. here i used the blog feature Smile

Ah, zats why Happy